Webster Mechanical Engineering (WME) provides forensic consulting services in the areas of design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and operation of HVAC&R systems involved in property damage or personal injury incidents.

WME provides:

  • Causation analysis for fire and explosion investigations involving furnaces, roof top units, make-up air units, space heaters, and air conditioning units
  • On-site examinations and testing of HVAC systems and equipment involved in water damage and moisture intrusion incidents to residential and commercial buildings
  • Storm damage evaluations on outdoor HVAC&R equipment exposed to wind damage, hail stone impact, and lightning strikes; provide repair/replacement cost estimates; and differentiate between storm damage and wear and tear issues.
  • On-site and laboratory examination and testing of gas fired HVAC equipment involved in carbon monoxide poisoning incidents

The forensic investigations of HVAC&R equipment and systems are based on the International Mechanical Code, the National Mechanical Code, NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code, ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook, ASHRAE Systems and Equipment Handbook, ACCA Manual J Residential Load Calculations, SMACNA-95 HVAC Duct Construction Standards, and the ANSI/UL standards relevant to the equipment investigated.